Coming in 2016

     Enmeshed is the second book in my Detective Sonya Reisler mystery series.  The story picks up one year later from where Entangled ended.  It is still in its early stages but I hope to have it published during 2016.  Here is an excerpt from Chapter One:

            Sonya quickly wiped the sweat off her forehead before it could run into her eyes then brought her fist back into its defensive position, her focus never breaking from the figure in front of her. His movements gave little away as his eyes roved over her, searching for an opening. He was patient, controlled, and it kept her on edge. Going on the attack was futile, her ribs all too well reminding her of the last time she tried. He was quick and read her movements easily.
            His fist shot out and Sonya slipped the punch giving her enough of an opening to drive her knee up into his abdomen. He gave a grunt but before she could capitalize on the situation he landed a left hook. Even though the headgear absorbed most of the blow, it sent her staggering back. Sonya gave a quick shake of her head to clear it as she regrouped.
            An annoying grin suddenly played on his lips and that was all the warning she got as he came at her again. She deflected his quick combination and knew, from past experience, he would follow it with a kick. She spun, avoiding it and delivering her own into his side. She couldn't get enough power into it and before she could land another blow his wicked left fist struck again leaving her dazed before she was grabbed and slammed down on the mat with the heavy weight of his body pinning her.
            The grin was still there as he spit out his mouth guard. "Gotcha, Sonya." Then he laughed before adding, "Again."

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